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World Family Doctor Day 2017 - Banner

World Family Doctor Day 2017

Being your health partner, a family doctor provides comprehensive and continuing care to you and your family, through all life stages. He/she knows you well, listens and understands your health concerns, and helps you make appropriate health care decisions.

Join us in thanking family doctors!



"My Family Doctor Walks with Me" Poster

Life is never the same after getting married and especially having kids. These are normal stages of life which most of us will go through, and yet, many feel stressful or unable to cope easily with the changes in daily routines or added responsibilities as a Dad or a Mom.

A family doctor knows how your family's health history and situation can affect your health. He/she is trained to care for you through all life stages. Stress can cause health problems or make health problems worse. It will be good if you can talk with your family doctor if you think some of your symptoms are caused by stress. He/she can then help to check if there are other causes of your symptoms.

Besides helping parents to cope with parenthood, a family doctor can offer preventive health services, such as vaccination of your children against infectious diseases, like measles, mumps and chickenpox. Having known your family, he/she gets to know important issues, like drug or food allergies of your kids. These are important health information for continuing care.

A family doctor aims to nurture lasting, caring relationships with patient and family members. He/she knows you well, listens and takes time to understand your health concerns, and helps you make appropriate health care decisions. Your family doctor is your health partner and respect you as a unique individual who needs comprehensive and personalized care.

To instill the concept of family doctor to families with children, the Department of Health has designed a new poster:

World Family Doctor Day 2017 - Poster

The poster included the drawing of a family and their family doctor by a 6 year-old girl. The original drawing had "Thank you Doctor!" on top, showing that she is grateful to her family doctor, who accompanies the family in the poster. The smiling faces tell us that they enjoy a good relationship. This is indeed a showcase of World Family Doctor Day - a real life patient and her family acknowledged the importance of their family doctor in maintaining their health. The new slogan「家庭醫生,有你,我放心!」"My Family Doctor walks with Me" echoes our theme that family doctor is our health partner.

If you do not have a family doctor yet, please visit to find one that suits your needs.

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"Thank You Doc!" Campaign and Photo Collage

World Family Doctor Day 2017 - Campaign

To echo this year's WFDD, the Primary Care Office (PCO) of the Department of Health (DH) launched the "Thank You Doc!" photography campaign in February 2017 to invite the public to show their gratitude to their family doctors and give recognition for their contribution to the health of the public. Participants were encouraged to take creative photo(s) to express their thankfulness and send to PCO via email. By the deadline of 31 March 2017, over 100 photos were received.

World Family Doctor Day 2017 - A heart-shaped collage

A heart-shaped collage is compiled to thank all who have contributed. The photos will be used in publicity materials to promote World Family Doctor Day 2017.

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"My Family Doctor 2017" TV Programme

The Department of Health, Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) jointly produced the extended TV programme "My Family Doctor 2017". The programme showcases some real life stories seen by family doctors and discusses on how family doctors tackle them. Family physicians and health professionals from various disciplines will share in the discussion forum after each episode, so that the audience will know more about management and prevention of these common health problems.

This TV series will be broadcast at 9pm to 10pm every Monday from 13 March to 15 May 2017 on RTHK Channel 31 and 31A. Please stay tuned!

Please click here to watch the programme online. (Programme only available in Cantonese)

World Family Doctor Day 2017 - "My Family Doctor 2017" TV Programme

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"Family Doctor – Your Caring Health Partner" Short Video

Here is a short video featuring Dr. KS Foo from the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians to publicize the important role of family doctors in maintaining health.
(Video only available in Cantonese)

World Family Doctor Day 2017 - "Family Doctor – Your Caring Health Partner" Short Video

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