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My Family Doctor Walks with Me poster

Family Doctor and Children

Being your health partner, a family doctor cares about patients beyond the treatment of their diseases, to ensure physical, psychological and social well-being for his patients. He /she provides comprehensive and continuing care to you and your family, through all life stages.

Life is never the same after getting married and having kids. These are normal stages of life which most of us will go through, and yet, many feel stressful or unable to cope easily with the changes in daily routines or added responsibilities as a Dad or a Mom. To instill the concept of family doctor to families with children, the Department of Health has designed the "My Family Doctor Walks with Me" poster. It included the drawing of a family and their family doctor by a 6 year-old girl to promote that family doctor being your health partner, he / she aims to nurture lasting, caring relationships with patient and family members. He/she knows you and your family well and understands your health concerns to maintain health for you and your family.

We hope the following sharing can help you to better understand that family doctor, being your health partner, provides comprehensive and continuing care to you and your family.

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