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Special thanks to Dr. Amy Pang for her Chinese ink painting and calligraphy. (Special thanks to Dr. Amy Pang for her Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.)

Family Doctor and Elders

Growing old is one of the normal stages of life. Apart from physical changes, cognitive function declines in older adults can be part of normal ageing. However, in some, the decrement goes beyond normal ageing and they may experience symptoms due to cognitive function decline. In some cases, this mild cognitive impairment will eventually progress to dementia, the cognitive decline that interferes daily functioning.

Being a health partner of you and your family, a family doctor helps in the recognition, assessment and management of cognitive impairment. You can always consult your family doctor if you suspect a family member may be suffering from cognitive impairment. A family doctor may perform assessment of cognitive function based on direct observation, patient report, or concerns raised by family members or caregivers.

Besides helping in early recognition and assessment, a family doctor anticipates changing needs during different stages of care and offers individualized and updated management plan to older adults with cognitive impairment as well as their cares. He/ she can provide continuous support during the journey of dementia care.

The Primary Care Office of the Department of Health has produced a new poster, showing a Chinese ink painting featuring one hundred and one cranes and a pine tree, both of which represent longevity in Chinese culture. The bilingual slogan in the poster reminds all that family doctor is trained to offer preventive health care through all stages of life and is your lifelong health partner.

If you do not have a family doctor, please visit the Primary Care Directory at or our mobile website to search for one who can suit your needs.

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