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World Diabetes Day 2016 - My Family Doctor walks with me

(Special thanks to local calligrapher Mr CHOI Ching Fung for the Chinese calligraphy)

World Diabetes Day 2016

Type 2 diabetes is the most frequent type of diabetes affecting adults in Hong Kong. Primary care is the first point of contact in the healthcare system. By applying the principle of family medicine and working in partnership with other healthcare professionals such as dietitians, nurses, optometrists and physiotherapists, primary care doctors are in a prime position to provide patient-centered, continuing and comprehensive care to diabetes patients taking into account individual patients’ needs and values.

It is of paramount importance for primary care doctors to provide ongoing care to reduce risk factors, diagnose disease early, assess patients’ needs, offer suitable treatment, monitor treatment responses and adherence, and identify treatment barriers such as patients’ concerns and misperceptions, as well as empowering patients for self care.

To sustain efforts of “Let’s beat diabetes” in around World Health Day 2016, the Primary Care Office would like to emphasize the essential role of primary care doctors in managing diabetes. Our new slogan is 醫吾 醫好 家庭醫生幫到你」 “My Family Doctor walks with me” 醫吾 醫好 means "My family doctor offers me treatment and I am living well." In Cantonese, the words 醫唔醫好 may also be interpreted as the doubts of patients who fear to consult their family doctors despite presence of risk factors, which in turn may lead to delayed diagnosis and management. The English slogan actually echoes the true meaning of the Chinese slogan. We should trust our family doctors in providing quality health care according to our needs.

This website includes a variety of useful resources, ranging from principles of diabetes management, to diabetic friendly recipes and myths on diabetes, as well as other reference materials.

Useful resources
Managing Diabetes Made Easy

Managing Diabetes Made Easy (Chinese version only)

This information booklet is tailor made for newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes patients. It contains useful information on the disease and its daily management including skills for self-monitoring, healthy diet and travelling tips.

Diabetes-friendly Recipes

Diabetes-friendly Recipes (Chinese version only)

This booklet contains diabetes-friendly recipes suitable for individuals with diabetes, as well as their family and friends. Information related to menu planning and carbohydrate exchange are also included.

Hong Kong Reference Framework for Diabetes Care for Adults in Primary Care Settings (Patient version)

Hong Kong Reference Framework for Diabetes Care for Adults in Primary Care Settings (Patient version)

Management of Adults with Diabetes and Hypertension in Primary Care Settings

Management of Adults with Diabetes and Hypertension in Primary Care Settings

World Diabetes Day 2016 poster

World Diabetes Day 2016 poster - identifying the risk factors

Diabetes-friendly recipes YouTube videos

Diabetes-friendly recipes YouTube videos

Myths about diabetes

Myths about diabetes

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