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Primary Care Initiatives


Hospital Authority Projects

Chronic Disease Management Projects implemented through the Hospital Authority (HA)

  1. Multi-disciplinary Risk Factor Assessment and Management Programme (RAMP)

    Multi-disciplinary teams of healthcare professionals are set up at selected general out-patient clinics (GOPCs) of HA in all clusters to provide structured risk assessment and targeted interventions for patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HT), so that they can receive appropriate preventive and follow-up care.

  2. Nurse and Allied Health Clinics (NAHC)

    Nurse and Allied Health Clinics comprising nurses and allied health professionals have been established in selected GOPCs in all clusters to provide more focused care for high-risk chronic disease patients, including those who require specific care services for health problems or complications. These services include fall prevention, handling of chronic respiratory problems, wound care, continence care, drug compliance and supporting mental wellness.

  3. Patient Empowerment Programme (PEP)

    A patient empowerment programme has been implemented in all clusters of HA in collaboration with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to improve chronic disease patients' knowledge of their diseases and enhance their self-management skills.

    A multi-disciplinary team from HA develops appropriate teaching materials and aids for common chronic diseases (for example, HT, DM, etc.), and provides training for frontline staff of the participating NGOs organising the patient empowerment programme.

  4. Tin Shui Wai Primary Care Partnership Project (TSWPPP)

    The Tin Shui Wai Primary Care Partnership Project has been launched to test the use of public-private partnership model and supplement the provision of public general out-patient services in Tin Shui Wai. Under this programme, eligible patients in Tin Shui Wai who have been under the care of HA’s existing Tin Shui Wai GOPC are invited to participate. Those who choose to participate in this programme may enroll with a private doctor in Tin Shui Wai who participates in this programme. They may seek up to 10 medical consultations with the private doctors, and are required to pay a standard fee of $50 per consultation, the same fee as attending HA’s GOPCs.

  5. General Outpatient Clinic Public Private Partnership (GOPC Partnership) Programme

    The GOPC Partnership Programme aims to enhance the provision of primary care services by providing choice to patients for receiving primary care services from the private sector. It also helps promote the family doctor concept.

    Initially, clinically stable patients having hypertension with or without hyperlipidemia, and later diabetes patients, currently taken care of by HA GOPCs will be invited for voluntary participation. The GOPC Partnership Programme will initially be piloted in Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Tuen Mun. Each participating patient will receive up to 10 subsidised visits per year, including medical consultations covering both chronic and acute care. Under the GOPC Partnership Programme, participating patients only need to pay the HA GOPC fee of $50 (as per Gazette) for each consultation.

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