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Primary Care Development Strategy



The Working Group on Primary Care (WGPC) under the Health and Medical Development Advisory Committee (HMDAC), chaired by the Secretary for Food and Health, was reconvened in October 2008 to advise on strategic directions for the development of primary care in Hong Kong. In 2009, WGPC and its three Task Forces drew up framework recommendations on enhancing primary care in Hong Kong, including developing primary care conceptual models and reference frameworks to enhance primary care holistically; setting up a Primary Care Directory so as to promote the family doctor concept and adopt a multi-disciplinary approach in enhancing primary care; and devising feasible service models to deliver community-based primary care services through appropriate pilot projects. Since December 2010, a Task Force on Primary Dental Care and Oral Health has also been formed under WGPC to, among other things, provide advice on initiatives to promote and enhance primary dental care and oral health. Membership of WGPC and its Task Forces comprise representatives from the public and private healthcare sectors, academia, patient groups, health administrators and healthcare professionals of various disciplines and specialties, and other stakeholders.

Under the advice of the Task Forces, the following areas of work have been carried out:

  • setting up sub-directories of doctors, dentists and Chinese medicine practitioners;
  • promulgating reference frameworks on management of hypertension and diabetes, and preventive care for children and older adults.

Following the reorganisation of the HMDAC in 2015 to subsume under it the work of WGPC with regard to broader policy issues on primary care development in Hong Kong, the Task Forces were disbanded (except for the Task Force on Primary Dental Care and Oral Health, which is serviced by the Food and Health Bureau to address the dental care needs of the elderly and other needy groups). The Primary Care Office of the Department of Health continues to engage medical and healthcare experts from local academics and professional organizations to carry on the on-going tasks like formulating reference frameworks and promoting the Primary Care Directory through the following new advisory mechanism:

  • Advisory Committee on Primary Care Directory (developing and maintaining the Primary Care Directory); and
  • Advisory Groups on Reference Frameworks (formulating and updating reference frameworks).

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